About Orgon Therapy

Orgon therapy is an alternative, holistic technique, developed by Lus Nuway. Lus developed the technique through years of work and research in ‘Bio-orgonomy’ (developed by Rafi Rosen). Orgon therapy is a combination and evolution of different techniques, through which one can heal man, mineral and vegetable by searching for the source of the problem in order to start the healing there.

Orgon therapy is based on diagnosis and healing of the energy processes; tension, discharge and relaxation

(a concept coined by Wilhelm Reich).

The premise of Orgon therapy, is to help the patient realize their own natural energy and to understand the processes they are undergoing in order to achieve emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Orgon therapy heals man and his surroundings in an individualistic manner that’s befitting to him, thus enabling the patient to achieve healing and clarity in his life.


The stages of Orgon Therapy:

Firstly, I begin by listening to the problems and difficulties the patient rases; physical, mental etc.

I use the conversation to search and locate the causes of these difficulties.

I work with  the question: ‘Where does this difficulty originate?’.

By opening the patients ‘Energetic Map’, I can locate the source of the problem; diet, sleeping habits, traumas, energetic heritage etc. Next, I perform the energetic treatment at the time of the traumatic experiences

I located as the cause of the problem.

The patient and I then discuss the important matters that ought to be addressed in order to help the patient see himself and his life in a different light.

We follow this by taking a closer look at the patients daily habits and routine;

How does he sleep, eat, love, work, study, etc. What are his expectation from life?

If necessary, I check the ‘energetic match’ between the patient and their diet, advising what supplements could help the healing process.

I finish the treatment by changing the energetic state of the physical body through; touch, healing and breathing techniques. I use the physical treatment as a method to bring the patient’s energetic system into an harmonious and healthy state.

Our Centre

The Orgon Therapy Centre is an active space that enables man’s personal process on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. The individual progresses’ through the realization that he is a ‘free’ man who’s aware and understanding of himself. The patient becomes mindful of the process he is going through and how to pinpoint precisely what enriches his life and what is holding him back.

Workshops, activities and special treatments take place in the centre, for people who would like to grow and develop themselves. The centre also holds courses in order to train people who would like to become therapists in ‘Orgon Therapy’ and ‘Bio-Orgonomy’.

In the centre we treat individuals with mental health issues, ADHD, autism, chronic diseases, cancer and fertility problems. We help guide new mothers, customize a diet that fits the patients needs, give business/professional guidance, and energetically match on a personal basis cosmetics, oils and Bach flowers.

Lus Nuway

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1959. After highschool I went on to get my MA and BA in Sociology from the university of Buenos Aires.

During September 1967 I arrived in Israel on a visit that was supposed to be only a few months long. As it turned out, I found myself getting more and more attached to this country, until I knew for certain that I couldn't go back and had to make my life here. I settled down in Jerusalem.

In 1988 I experienced for the first time the ‘Bio-Orgonomy’ technique through the therapist Michael Assedo, one of Rafi Rosen’s disciples. This experience brought me to the realization that I would like to dedicate my life to healing people through bio-energy. My way of making the changes I would like to see in the world would be through healing people in an ‘holistic’ fashion; from their energetic base, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

In 1990 I started studying Bio-energy with Rafi Rosen. I learned from him the basics of Bio-energy; how to recognize the different manifestations of energy; stagnant, flowing etc. within the individual and the universe.

Later on I started conducting small workshops in meditation, relaxation techniques, past-life regression, Bio-energy exercises, basic Bio-Orgonomy etc.

By 1996 I was already working full time with the Bio-Orgonomy technique which led me to start questioning how the technique fit in with my own beliefs and to the main question - ‘Am I helping my patient grow as a person?’. I found myself facing a dilemma in therapeutic ethics - on the one hand ‘Hocus - Pocus’ does the trick and makes the necessary changes, but on the other hand it can take control over the person like a new religion. It lulls the patient into a false sense that only the therapist can heal the patient and that the patient does not have the ability to heal themselves. This misconception didn’t and still doesn’t, fit with my beliefs and what I consider my purpose in the world. The ability to heal lies within each and every one of us and only needs to be awakened. After facing the conflict - ‘should I use solely Bio-orgonomy or a combination of techniques that construct and awaken man’s ‘awareness’, I decided to start conducting courses built out of a number of techniques that aid one in feeling what was and what will be, what parts are broken and what can be built inside oneself. Thus, in 1988, ‘Lus’s Therapy’ was born. From then until today I’ve accumulated a vast extent of knowledge in various techniques that help the patient achieve the goal of producing as much joy as they can out of life. Respecting the feelings that one has when confronted with themselves and society, enabling one to see clearly their need and potential, what he needs and can attain in order to feel love and harmony with life.

Today, my work continues to evolve from inside outwards, continuously working on a state of awareness and healing, through which I treat couple and dietary problems, hyperactivity, pains, ailments and diseases. I use a variety of techniques; compassionate (nonviolent) communication, past-life regression, polarity etc. I also conduct Bio-orgonomy and therapy courses, daily and weekend workshops in order to focus on more specific subjects.

From my heart and one thousand delights, I would like to invite you to encounter and experience the marvelous world that resides within each and every one of us.