Orgon Therapy studies

Who is it for?

Orgon therapy studies are aimed at anyone who is interested in learning to ‘read’ energy for use in their daily lives. It’s used in order to find out what suits the individual in a variety of subjects; what should one study, eat, wear etc., what is the source of any sickness that comes about and how to heal it, to learn about nature and the precious rules of ‘Life energy’.

In other words, studying Orgon therapy would suit therapists and any individual with a keen sense of curiosity, in order to help them diagnose, widen their knowledge and to heal. Orgone Therapy is an invaluable tool for any person at any age. There are also courses for children, from the age 6 and up, courses for adults, courses for Orgon Therapy specifically and courses aimed at honing therapists diagnosis skills. Orgon Therapy can be a used as a valuable and beneficial tool in any ‘healing technique’.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

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Training course to Become an Orgon Therapist

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Orgon Therapy is a three year long course which produces Orgon therapists who are capable of successfully helping patients through an holistic process from diagnosis to healing. The therapists finish the course with ample practical experience.

The Orgon therapy course teaches the therapists how to work with the body and soul of the individual; what does he eat, think, feel, where does he come from, his childhood, his genetic imprints, past lives, loves, work etc. Each one of these components are integral in creating the individual’s ‘Energetic Theatre’ (or as we refer to it - their ‘Energetic Map’). The therapists objective is to search for the root of the problem in order to begin the healing process.

In order to heal through Orgon Therapy we must embark on an educational journey on which we will learn all the different techniques that help us read and heal a person according to his or her personal needs. Every technique is taught in the Orgon Therapy method.  

Course Structure:

Firstly we will learn what is energy and  the methods that make it possible for us to be in contact with it, in order to understand man’s, nature’s and the world’s energetic mechanism.

We begin with ‘Energetic Sensing’ and Rafi Rosen’s technique of Bio-Orgonomy, an essential basis for for diagnosing in Orgon Therapy. After that we move on to anatomy as well as diagnosis and treatment of the different bodily systems, combined with ‘physical’ therapy methods that help complete the energetic treatment. These treatments are compulsory from the beginning of the course.

After that we will learn further methods from the Orgon therapy approach; energetic echology, polarity, chakras, meditation, guided imagery, Bio-energy, compassionate communication etc.

During the second part of the course we learn how to heal ourselves; I am my own patient. We go through personal processes in order to find answers and attain self-healing. Thus we experience what the patient goes through and the power of Orgon therapy. We go through processes that enable us to understand and experience life’s energy.

קורס בניית תרפיסטים של תרפיית אורגון

Orgone Therapy ‘first aid’ course

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During this course we will learn how we can help during daily occurrences in our home or workplace, with our children, family etc. and to easily accomplish situations of Energetic opening that flows towards prosperity.

The tools we learn to accomplish this are as follow;

  • Energetic Sensing and palpebration

  • General diagnosis and healing of the energy

  • Energetic compatibility

  • Treatment of fears

  • Energetic Ecology

  • Healing

  • Polarity

  • Compassionate communication

קורס עזרה ראשונה בתרפיית אורגון

Back to the future - a reforming week

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I devote a week to past lives through pre-booked, personal, three and a half hour treatments. The goal is to help the individual better understand the amendments he or she must make within their current timeline, past, present and future and through this understanding treat and relieve the stagnant areas in their lives. There is a sense of security that comes with the knowledge that the life of the spirit is infinite and that every end is also a new beginning.  

סדנת חזרה מתקנת לעתיד, גלגולים

Orgone Therapy course for treating animals

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This course is aimed at all animal lovers, vets, trainers etc.

An important and simple tool that heals through the understanding and awareness of the energetic world of animals.

Throughout the course we will learn;

  • Energetic sensing

  • Palpebration

  • Diagnosis and treatments

  • Genetic heritage

  • The different worlds of animals

  • Treating traumas and fears

  • Matching the correct food and lifestyle to the animal

קורס אורגון תרפי לחיות