Reviews Concerning the ‘orgone therapy’ courses

“I participated in the Orgon therapy course conducted but Lus Nuway. The course put me on ‘the way of life’ and completely changed how I perceive things, people and our thoughts and fears that lead one to write the ‘manuscript’ of their lives. Through Orgon therapy I learned different techniques to help someone reach awareness and change, combined with a complementary physical treatment that completes the healing process. Lus teaches with love, attentiveness and full discretion of all the trades ‘secrets’. The course is completely down to earth, without any bullshit and so my profit as a student was tremendous. I thoroughly enjoyed studying throughout the course and especially appreciated the fact that Lus never compromised in order for us to fully understand everything, ensuring that we grow as genuine and thorough therapists. I owe Lus my becoming such a therapist. This isn’t another ‘instant fix’, one must arrive with the sincerity to heal mankind”.    



“I first met Lus after a car accident, after a long period of unsuccessfully obtaining help for my injuries and the pain I was going through. Throughout the process with her I reached states that I found hard to obtain even when I was physically healthy, which later also manifested themselves in personal and professional development.

Today, I am also an ‘Orgon Therapist’ and more than happy to pass on all i've acquired. From my personal experience and others I've met who have undergone the technique, it has the ability to change lives, through learning how to heal ourselves and our surroundings, connecting with our inner selves, our destiny and a general sense of wholeness and correctness with ourselves”.    



“The years I studied with Lus defined the rest of my life. I learned about energy, anatomy,  healing techniques and more. Mostly though, Lus taught me about love. Like mother earth she gives each of her students exactly what they need to be the most ‘themselves’, with confidence, honesty and loving hands. Lus is utterly professional, she teaches every subject in depth and I would trust each and everyone of the therapists she has taught to take care of me, knowing that they have learned from the best”.    



“After putting much thought in to how to explain such a deep connection as the one I have with Lus, I suddenly realized that the whole point was actually to describe my experience in the Orgon therapy course.

To begin an Orgon therapy course, is to step into a new world. In the film the ‘Matrix’, there is a part when Morpheus says to Neo that once he takes the red pill he will discover the world and it’s real depth. That is  how I felt when I ‘rediscovered’ the world through Orgon therapy. Once I encountered the body, the term ‘energy’, the universe, time and how processes work, it dawned on me, that what now I know and I will know in the future, is nothing in comparison to the magnitude and complexity of the universe. Combined with that feeling was also great satisfaction and elatedness. I learned what love is, compassion, laughter, sexuality and more. Though I still feel like my journey has only just begun, I'm excited by all I have yet to learn and experience. Orgon therapy revealed infinite knowledge that often felt confusing and rebellious. Now that I’m a therapist myself I understand that Lus, with her vast wisdom gave us a strong base from which we could each ‘take off’ in our individual way. There aren’t many teachers who succeed in putting their egos aside and teaching their students how to begin in order for them to pour themselves in and take flight independently.

Throughout the entire journey, Lus stood by us and led us to search, doubt and deepen our knowledge. Today it is clear to my that the more we search and delve deeper, the more we have the courage to believe, the more we pour ourselves into the treatment, we will be able to reach more people and help them understand what real, endless and unconditional love is. What true compassion to ourselves and others mean, how to move at our own pace and how to balance between thoughts and feelings. But most importantly how to feel constant satisfaction with all that we are.

Lus - thank you for the laughter, the endless giving and intimacy, the lonesomeness and togetherness, your patience and compassion. Thank you for introducing me to the fingernail of the universe. Thank you for daring and investigating and thank you for always being true to yourself no matter what obstacles lay in your way. Your light shines for all of us, our patients, their patients and so on.. The true butterfly effect! Much love.”    

Shani Sherman