Therapists At Orgon Therapy Center

Lus Nuway

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May Eisenberg


Northern District

May Eisenberg, an Orgon Therapist for about 12 years, certified in Feldenkrais Therapy, Developmental Guidance and Parent-Child Guidance. I came to Lus Nuway following a serious car accident I had and in Orgon Therapy I found the place for my healing and growth process as a person and as a therapist. 

Today I practice the method in the northern region of Israel and continues to be a student of Lus, my children and life.

Rachel Binyamin



My name is Rachel Binyamin and I am an Orgon Therapist. I started learning this method at Lus Nuway after dealing Feng Shui - the balance of energies in homes and was looking for a tool that would help me work with the feelings and sensations that arise from homes. I found myself entering a fascinating world that has a huge impact on human healing and on me…
Orgon Therapy is a path, a process that allows a person to truly change, a process that brings him to healing in body, mind and spirit.
Through the treatment of traumas, thoughts, inner fears, through the treatment of the physical body, the person is released, becomes free and filled with hope, free from thoughts and external influences and connected to his destiny. As part of this he is cured of various physical, mental difficulties and illness.

That's why I'm proud to be one of the center's therapists, one of the amazing therapist gemstones that embody Orgon therapy.

I invite you to experience a treatment that is unparalleled and that I believe in it with all my heart.

Shani Sherman


Northern District

Hi, My name is Shani, married and the mother of the beloved Shahar and Sunny.
I first came to therapy as a patient of Lus, in parallel with the treatment, I began to study early childhood education with a specialization in special education.
Upon graduation, I went on a trip and immediately returned to integrate into Orgon Therapy studies.

For me, Orgon Therapy has become my most authentic home that exists within me anywhere and anytime, Therapy is a journey of self-discovery of my loves, the inner voice within me, the doubt in truths I have acquired throughout my life, my relationship to matter and infinite connection to the world, to energy.

Orgon Therapy and early childhood education have created the whole for me, since my development expands from those two bases within me.
My great love is Therapy, working with children and seeing them fall in love with themselves, open up to themselves, work with adults who acquire the inner voice and become meaningful to themselves, intentionally along the way.

Invites you to me with great love!

Tzipi Winkler


Northern District

I started studying Orgon Therapy at Lus at the age of 21, after some very significant treatments at Lus that released my chest pains that I carried with me for years ...

The Therapy taught me to respect the emotion and language of the body in a very, very gentle and precise way. Taught me about the depth of love there is in any touch with good intention.

After every treatment i receive or give, I feel again the true peace that is inside. The ability to deal with situations and creativity arises - from a real connection of the spirit to the body.

I am so glad I rolled over to get to know and learn Orgon Therapy and very happy to treat the method and pass this great gift on.

Today I graduated to a doula (birth support) and accompanied pregnant women through the world of Orgon Therapy and the world of doulas.


Ariella Griver



At no point in my life did I plan to be a therapist, I rolled over there by chance, as a way of life. I arrived as a patient, as part of my process it became clear to me that I could not escape my destiny if I wanted to live a full and right life for myself, and I could enjoy everything if I did it the right way for me. Through Orgon Therapy - Lus'Therapy, I found the way I want to help people and make the change I am capable of in the world. Within her worldview - the holistic, compassionate and loving, which embraces the humanity and imperfection of man because that is what makes him beautiful and 'alive' - I also found my truth.

My desire is to pass on the tools I have been given here to open a process of healing, connection with the body, acceptance of emotion, and the ability to give a little more legitimacy to 'who I am'.

I believe that every change starts somewhere inside and from there seeps out and affects the world as well.

Maayan Nisan Tadjer



The world of Orgon therapy has opened a new path for me, a new world of tenderness, compassion and love.
A world where I learned and distilled who I am.
It is my desire to heal that leads me to my true destiny. I believe in our connection to nature, to the source.
From there I come to treat and from them I draw the tools to heal.
Thanks to Orgon therapy and with its help of I became a therapist.
I discovered the life force within me.
I embarked on an endless journey during which I am gaining knowledge and experiences.
Meets people and thus meets myself through them.