Discoveries concerning cellular radiation

By Lus Nuway

In the following article I shall present the latest discoveries in Orgon Therapy concerning cellular radiation.

The mobile telephone has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. It’s impossible for us to imagine a scenario without it. Our addiction these days to being in constant communication with people and immediate access to  information has become an epidemic. Of course we can’t turn back the clock and we all have this same need... so under these circumstances we must all understand what the radiation is doing to our body and soul, or more precisely; to every cell in our body.

Recently a short video went viral, ironically, portraying an egg being cooked by five cell phones ringing simultaneously.

From a psychological standpoint the cell phone gives one the illusion that they are ‘part of something’. Human Beings are social creatures and like to feel like a part of society, it’s in our nature. The cell phones allows one to be in constant contact with information, friends, pictures and even become some sort of ‘actor’ in order to be noticed. That is how one gains their sense of importance - through the quantity of ‘LIKES’ he or she receive. Nobody even notices that they are depressed since they are doing what everyone else is doing; what is ‘normal’.

It is much easier to just pick up the phone, rather than be active, thus the cell phone ends up repressing our real desires. When  one is unsure what to do, or just bored, automatically we will reach for the phone to play, or communicate. Anything, in order to avoid letting myself get bored. I have the phone so I do not need to listen to myself or feel myself.

The problem arises from the fact that only when one is idling about, the things he would and should be doing occur to him, but we end up picking up our phone and doing nothing.

In Orgone therapy we often deal with the question; ‘What do I want?’ - this is the passion for life and without it there is no Orgone energy. The Organisms energy is fueled by passion for life. In this age of the cell phone we distance ourselves more and more from this, as the only thing I want to do; is use my phone. We do not want to be in touch with what we've done and how we feel, Have I done good or bad?

Instead we forgo all that and connect to the phone, dismissing the passing through of hardships, of communication with our mother, father, partner, family etc. It’s acceptable behaviour that allows us to evade our difficulties.

We are growing further and further from our active natures and our connection to our ‘wants’. I have my little personal cave and it’s socially acceptable. Long story short; this is the psychological problem we discern; we've stopped being active beings and activity is life. Not only that, the cell phone isolates me from society, thus isolating me from myself. This causes us to be depressed without even being aware of it.

We've spoken here briefly about the psychological social effects that are common knowledge to us all, now we shall move on to the affects cellular radiation has on the human body.

Over the past few years I've received many patients complaining of a sore neck, headaches and swollen lymph glands. On a physiological level, when we are in contact with our cell phone we are putting pressure on our spinal column, especially in the cervical area. As we know, the physiological effects of long term sitting in front of the computer have often been discussed and now another factor has been added - the cell phone. The cell phone makes all these adverse effects radically worse, especially when it comes to the cervical vertebrae through which the nervous system passes thus impacting the thyroid gland, eyes, ears, digestive system etc. This leads to them being in chronic stress, thus making life more strenuous. Also we have the toll it takes on the eyesite - the light from the screen contributes to poor eye site due to constant focus on the screen. We've mentioned how the body reacts to the repetitive motions we use every time we use our cellphones and now we shall delve further into cellular radiation and its effects.

These days we have WIFI and our cell phone is like a small antenna that receives everything. Also we have the radiation coming out of the battery itself. Combined, these two elements turn the cell phone into an object that radiates at such high levels, that no cell in the body can handle it.

If we are to be honest with ourselves, on an average, our phone is by our side between 6-12 hours of the day. Also, most of us keep the phone on us physically, for example in our jeans pocket. Most of us talk on the phone whilst it’s pressed up against our ear and even those who think that using earphones makes a difference are sadly mistaken as the radiation goes through the ears and straight into the brain.

The human body has its own electromagnetic field and pace, like any living entity. Every cell has its own movements and conditioning but once externally influenced by a more intense electromagnetism the problems begin. For example it is known that the electric radiation once close to home can cause asthma, heart and breathing problems and that is ‘only’ electric radiation. Hence if we add on to that the radiation from cellular devices we can only imagine how much effort every cell of the human body has to put into the insistence of sticking to its own electromagnetic pace in order to stay healthy.

Besides these already known facts, I've recently discovered how hard it is to work energetically with so much  radiation around and the body straining itself to resist this different tempo. The human’s energetic balance, like a concert, is off-key.

When I ask for the energy of the cell phone radiation something unbelievable happens; I am able to see the cellular radiation in the tendons of the hands, the lymph glands in the armpits, salivary glands, the bone marrow of the jaw and head, cerebrospinal fluid and the brain itself.

On such an energetic map, once the initial shock has passed, this new bodily behaviour demands that I strengthen my therapy sessions and the purpose of every bodily cell in order for it to handle the radiation. So far I have been successful in doing so, making sure that the energetic system is open and flowing with the concert of life.

But what happens after? The patient gets up and first thing - reaches for the phone. As therapists it is our duty to find ways of healing within this addiction and help raise awareness to the adverse effects of the cell phone, set boundaries and start a ‘Phone Diet’. By phone diet I mean that one must make an effort to be away from his or her phone at least for two hours at a time whilst keeping up a state of self observance and starting to notice what is happening to oneself; ‘How much do I miss it?’, ‘What shall I do with the boredom?’. If one starts to feel a sense of relief and increased energy, it is time to make the critical decision.

These days people suffer from excessive fatigue not only because of the pase of their lives but also because it takes a lot out of the body having to deal with the extreme effects the radiation is having on it. A combination of the radiation that is in the atmosphere already with the radiation we choose to add to it due to our compulsion to connect and to ‘know’. The same awareness I give to my diet, like consuming less meat, gluten, dairy etc. should be applied also to the amount of time I spend on my phone as it’s ruining the potential of leading a ‘real’ life.

Another recent discovery I had. Was the effects celular radiation was having on the Hypothalamus who suffers through our obsessional thinking, addictions (such as the cell phone) and consumption of GMO’s and toxins. The Hypothalamus becomes imbalanced and afraid and does not know how to transmit it in order to return to a healthy and balanced metabolism.  In Orgone Therapy I call this phenomenon; ‘The fear of taking responsibility for our thinking and translating it into hormones’.

Through treatments the Hypothalamus can be balanced and put back on the right track of healthily secreting hormones. We've had success with many cases of excessive hairiness, over-sweating, heat waves etc. but we still have our work cut out for us.    

Lastly I would like to say that it’s not surprising there are so many autoimmune diseases, headaches and difficulties with concentrating and remembering etc.

So under these current circumstances we have three options;

  1. To cultivate the state of mind; I believe in my own feelings and what is happening. I am my own master.

  2. Begin a ‘cell phone diet’; try to handle it less and not be in constant contact with it. Don’t put it in your pocket and definitely don’t sleep with it in the vicinity. Start building boundaries!

  3. Begin transmitting to the body that I am turning into a mutant as a survival tactic in the face of external influences.


The human soul will always know how to make the necessary amendments weather we are mutants, healthy or sick. The human soul is made out of love and light and will eventually adapt after going through arduous changes.