The connection between the Psoas muscle and the first and second Chakras

By Lus Nuway

The first Chakra, also known as the root chakra connects us to mother earth. On an emotional level the first chakra begins with the emergence of the libido. A process that begins during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the first manifestation of taking what I need from life and removing what is no longer necessary through the anus. Without satisfying the need to eat, we cannot survive.

The second chakra is also known as the chakra of life and death. The Indians believe that the soul enters and leaves life through this chakra. The second chakra is located in the reproductive system, hence the connection to sexuality and the first chakra.

When we talk of Orgon energy, we are talking of energetic processes; tension, discharge and relaxation. Every living organism down to the smallest cell go through the same process of taking what it needs; food, air, water etc. and ridding itself of what is no longer necessary until reaching satisfaction. To be in tune with life is to be part of this constant energetic process of; tension, discharge and relaxation. The need to satisfy and be satisfied.

From here the problem arises; How to function with these two chakras, fulfil our life and reach satisfaction.

When we use the term ‘fulfillment’ we are discussing our ‘real’ needs; sex, food, what we buy.  

We live in a day and age of of chronic dissatisfaction due to social, educational and economical conditioning.  

We satisfy the fantasy; ‘What I think I ought to be’ rather than; ‘What I’m destined to be’. For example; To be; famous, pretty, skinny, consume unconditionally, diplomas etc.

This is the origin of the disease known as; Energetic Dissociation.  There is no connection between the real energy of the body and soul and how I behave towards life. This is the conflict that resides within us such as stress, traumas that stick to the first and second chakras that don’t get released or receive satisfaction. These traumas manifest themselves as stress, pain or illnesses in places that the individual is not managing to ‘release’.

Theses parts are considered ‘taboo’ and one must not speak of them. It is deeply ingrained within all of us. So deeply ingrained, that we aren’t able to speak of them even with our psychologist or therapist. This repression is living within each and every one of us, screaming to be heard. An unsatiated ‘need’ of life. It is used as a proven vice to sell to us and even though we consume we remain unsatisfied.

This part of us is demanding rights, demanding release. We can’t deny our animalistic parts, we eat and defecate, we make love with our animalistic side and spirit. We cannot purchase REAL love and REAL satisfaction at our local store, nor loan it from the bank and there is nothing as satisfying as unconditional love.

Today, now that we have grown, we can begin to percieve our sexualtiy from a place of awareness and love and as an integrative part of man’s mental and physical health.

This is why in Orgon therapy, we study the psoas muscle. The Psoas muscle connects the upper intellectual part of the body with the lower animalistic part.

This muscle tenses and ‘closes’ due to sexual repression, surgery such as circumcision etc. and results in; a sore back, digestive problems, trouble ‘letting go’, constipation, diarrhea, problems with the limbs, knees, osteoporosis, heaviness in the legs, pains in the heels, breathing troubles, stress, heart problems, fertility problems, difficulties supplying oxygen to the blood, hemorrhoids, difficulties reaching an orgasm and true release etc.  

It is impossible for the psoas muscle to relax without first relaxing the first and second chakra, that is why it is a process to reach full release.

The relaxing of the Psoas enables us to make a real connection between the first and second chakra and enables us to holistically legitimize what it means to be a human being; a combination of our intellect and animalistic tendencies. It gives one the opportunity to better understand and fulfill one's destiny, moving from a state of fantasy about who we are into a true understanding of who we are and the ability to satisfy our real needs and not the ones expected of us. The process is to renew the inner education and dialogue, be aware of what is truly good for me and surpass the repression through love and respect to myself.